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Flat shapes

In [Nourse] the author considers particular flat shapes made of a set of four stack of two tiles in the global shape of an I, L and S, with detailed instructions on how to obtain them from the starting position of the puzzle.

The two arrows in the schematic pictures indicate the two sides about which the two stacked tiles are allowed to hinge. For example, the configuration I-1 (click on the I1-I3 image below) can be directly opened to obtain the starting configuration RRRURRRU or the ring shape RRmRRmRRmRRm, whereas the configuration I-3 can be opened into RmRvRmLvRmRvRmLv (and also into the starting 2x4 configuration).

I1-I3:   S1-S4:   L1-L8:   U1-U6:  
[Nourse] Simple Solutions to Rubik's MAGIC, Bantam Books, 1986.